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Laverock Hall Farm home pageWebsite enhancement

Originally developed (under contract to Website Design Newcastle) to market their extensive product range, the Laverock Hall Farm website has been recently revamped with a crisper, cleaner style and enhanced social media integration.


A full shopping cart and payment system were also added.

The site also features product categorisation and an advanced search, making it very quick and easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Custom CMS

Site administration - content managementThe website is controlled by a tailor-made (using all the finest materials) content management system, so that it fits the customer's requirements, as closely as possible.

Therefore, the customer gets what they ask for and do not have to make do or compromise their business by using off-the-shelf packages.

New products can be added easily and updated with new photographs, prices, etc.

Products can have up to five images and the system supports variants (e.g. pack sizes) so that product entry and maintenance can be minimised.


Customer's Blog exampleThe home page is regularly edited  and there is a busy blog  to make sure the website stays fresh and topical, which all helps to keep the website interesting and boosts its search engine position.