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Some good from the EU

Browser choicesThe BBC published this story today -

When, in 2009, the EU forced Microsoft to offer users of its Windows operating systems a choice of which browser to install, Internet Explorer could boast 70% of the market share.

Previously, the share had been even higher (about 90%) but the alternative browsers were already beginning to get a grip, due to their greater technical superiority and speed.

Internet Explorer has always been despised in the web design world.  It was slow, buggy and broke every web standard there has ever been.

Whenever something didn't work when developing a new website, it was invariably using Internet Explorer.  Websites had to include masses of extra code, just to work properly with IE.

People used it because it was free and was installed by default.

With each release of the software, Microsoft has claimed it the slickest, fastest and most compliant and secure browser yet.  Each time it proved to be the opposite.

Recently, it has improved considerably but is still the worst.

The EU has obviously helped reduce the market share to about 20%.  It is arguable that this would have happened anyway, since the writing was on the wall for the inadequate browser, but at least the EU did the right thing.

The five year agreement has now expired, let's hope Internet Explorer doesn't make a comeback.  Not everything would be rosy in the UKIP non-EU world.